IT Budget Benchmarking for Mid-Sized Companies

Budget and Staffing Key Findings

CEB's IT budget benchmark data for midsized organizations, collected from over 300 organizations globally and representing $20 billion in IT spending, reveals IT organizations are expecting a promising year in 2015 with budgets expected to grow at 5.5%. Companies plan to invest some of this expected growth in improving the enterprise capabilities. Organizations that shift their spending ratio are better able to adapt to changing business needs and, in turn, ensure the enterprise invests in the most impactful areas.

Download the key findings on the right to learn more about the six key IT budget and staffing trends for midsized companies.

Key Benchmarks

IT Budget Allocation

  • Total IT budget size
  • Total IT expenditure as a percentage of revenue
  • Total IT expenditure per user
  • Capital expenditure level
  • Spending by investment category
  • Spending by functional area
  • Operating expenditure level
  • Outsourcing and offshoring levels

Staffing Level

  • Total staffing levels
  • Staffing levels by function

IT Trends and Performance

  • Expected change in IT project budget
  • IT project budget by project type
  • Key project performance metrics
  • Deployment of IT or business service models

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