CEB Service Management Bootcamp

Learning Objectives

84% of service managers fall short in the communications and change leadership skills critical to service management effectiveness.

Our curriculum focuses on developing the communication, financial, and relationship management skills that service managers need to run their service like a business.

Participants learn to:

  • Identify critical stakeholders to collect and clarify service requirements and
    understand competing stakeholder priorities
  • Communicate with critical IT stakeholders to understand service constraints and
  • Articulate cost and value trade-offs for service investment
  • Communicate a structured overview of an IT service tailored to business and IT

Who Should Attend

Successful participants are currently serving in, or about to take on, responsibility for planning and coordinating the delivery of a service.

On average, our attendees have the following characteristics:

  • Nine years of IT experience
  • Two-thirds have experience outside of IT
  • More than one-half have been in their current role less than six months

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