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Effectiveness Drivers

Project Manager Effectiveness: The Skills that Matter Most

CEB has identified to top 60 drivers of project manager effectiveness.

These 60 drivers include two key categories, process skills and Entrepreneurial skills. What we found is surprising: most process skills have significantly less impact on project manager effectiveness than Entrepreneurial skills. While a certain level of process proficiency is required for the job, even project managers who are best at running the process don't regularly deliver project business outcomes without possessing critical Entrepreneurial skills.

CEB can help you:

  • Identify which of your project managers already have the Entrepreneurial skills necessary to succeed
  • Develop the Entrepreneurial skills of your high-potential project managers 
  • Change your hiring criteria to ensure you attract the most Entrepreneurial candidates

To learn more, download the Top 60 Drivers of Project Manager Effectiveness on the right, or email us for a virtual preview of the full research.