Building the Next Generation PMO

The Project Management Services Solution

Despite nearly doubling the number of activities, PMOs have seen zero increase in stakeholder satisfaction levels.

In response, leading PMOs are thinking differently about who their "customers" are and how they can best meet their needs by embracing a service-based delivery model. "Customers" now go beyond project sponsors to also include internal stakeholders like project managers and business analysts. CEB and our network of over 300 PMO leaders can help you:

  • Identify high-value opportunities for delivering project management services.
  • Deploy project management services to meet the most critical customer needs.
  • Manage and measure project management services to ensure continued relevance.

But be careful though, as not all service catalogs are created equal. Download CEB's Sample Project Management Services Catalog on the right to preview highlights of our research helping PMO leaders define and deliver project management services.

CEB PMO Leadership Council

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