Building the Next Generation PMO

The PMO Metrics You're Not Tracking

Over 75% of PMO leaders rate PMO performance measurement as important, but only 8% believe they do it well.

Most PMO leaders rely on project-level metrics - such as on-time, on-budget, and stakeholder satisfaction - to assess the value of the PMO. But these metrics don’t tell you what you need to know about PMO performance.

PMO leaders need a set of metrics that will help them focus the PMO’s time, effort, and resources to create an environment that enables the delivery of project business outcomes.

CEB has identified 13 "Environmental Value Metrics" that inform PMO management decisions and help PMO leaders communicate the PMO’s value to business partners.

These new PMO metrics:

  1. Clearly link PMO activities to project business outcomes
  2. Focus on things that are controllable (or at least heavily influenced) by the PMO
  3. Are leading (rather than lagging) measures

Download CEB PMO’s Environmental Value Metrics Dashboard on the right to learn more about the metrics you should be measuring.