Building the Next Generation PMO

A New Approach to PMO Value Delivery

The average employee experiences a major change in organization or strategy every seven months—and PMOs are struggling to adapt.

PMOs have asked us, “How can the PMO stay relevant and increase value delivery in the face of flat budgets and continuous change?”

The typical responses—expanding the PMO mandate, focusing more time and attention on executive stakeholders, and doubling down on benefits tracking to demonstrate value—are not enough. CEB’s research, A New Approach to PMO Value Delivery, will help you transform the PMO’s mandate, customer focus, and performance measurement approach to improve value delivery in the face of ongoing enterprise change.

PMOs now need to:

Build decision frameworks to identify the highest value PMO activities.

Define and deliver a targeted set of project management services.

Design a set of PMO performance management metrics that enable more effective allocation of PMO effort and resources.

Download CEB’s research on A New Approach for PMO Value Delivery on the right to learn how you can target the highest-value PMO activities and customer needs.