IT Strategic Planning

How CEB Can Help You Improve Your IT Strategic Planning Process

Align IT Plans with Business Strategy

» CEB IgnitionTM Guide to Strategic Planning for IT

Use this six step guide to establish strategic objectives for IT, align IT initiatives with business goals, prioritize action steps to achieve IT’s objectives, build a strategic plan document, and communicate strategy to win support for execution.

*CEB members can access the full guide with supporting tools and research on the member website.

» IT-Business Alignment Tool (Members Only)

Understand business partner priorities and how well IT is supporting those capabilities to ensure future investments close critical performance gaps.

» A Handbook for Effective IT Strategic Planning Volume One – Context and Creativity (Preview)

Uncover best practices for aligning IT strategy with business objectives, recording and monitoring assumptions to ensure the strategy stays relevant, and infusing new and innovative ideas into strategic planning process.

» CEB IT Roadmap BuilderTM

This SaaS solution helps organizations create, visualize, communicate, and cascade their IT strategic plans by tailoring different views for different business and IT audiences and maintaining explicit links between IT initiatives and enterprise strategy to drive buy-in across the organization.

Build Flexibility into the IT Strategic Planning Process

» IT Performance Management Toolkit (Members Only)

Build forward-looking metrics that allow you to effectively track the performance of IT strategy, enabling course-corrections where required.

» Trigger-Based Strategy Reviews (Members Only)

Establish as-needed reviews for IT strategy by introducing a process to diagnose inter-cycle problems with the IT strategic plan.

» Record and Monitor Assumptions (Members Only)

Generate and document assumptions that inform IT strategy to track and respond to changes in business conditions that could threaten IT plans.

Prioritize the Most Important Strategic Objectives

» CEB IgnitionTM Diagnostic for IT (Members Only)

Gain new insight into your IT function’s strengths and weaknesses by measuring performance across 7 objectives and 40 discrete activities to prioritize strategic areas for improvement

» Investing for Business Outcomes (Members Only)

Establish as-needed reviews for IT strategy by introducing a process to diagnose inter-cycle problems with the IT strategic plan.

» Strategic Pillar Investments (Members Only)

Set investment targets that direct disproportionate investment toward the one or two most important strategic priorities for the organization. Evaluate investment proposals on their performance against tangible, measurable business outcomes derived from senior executives' own performance objectives.

Ensure Effective Communication and Execution of Strategic Priorities

» IT Strategic Plan Template (Members Only)

Reduce time and effort by building your IT strategic plan in this 50 page customizable PowerPoint template. Each page includes examples, discussion notes, input instructions, and links to the most up-to-date CEB research to help you customize and communicate your strategy.

» A Handbook for Effective IT Strategic Planning Volume Two – Cascading Strategy for Execution (Members Only)

Drive employee and partner engagement with IT strategy by reviewing the best practices in communicating a clear and concise strategy and building employee commitment to executing on strategy.

» Strategy Execution Dashboard (Members Only)

Use this lightweight diagnostic tool to identify which of your IT strategic priorities are at risk for execution failure.