IT Roadmapping

How CEB Can Help You Create, Maintain, and Execute Your Roadmaps

Roadmap Creation

» Toolkit: Scoping Roadmap Objectives (Preview)

Use this chapter of the four-part Roadmapping Effectiveness Toolkit to clarify goals and identify relevant stakeholders before roadmapping.

» CEB IT Roadmap Builder

A workflow and decision support solution helping IT leaders develop and maintain their technology, service, and capability roadmaps.

Roadmap Maintenance

» Building Better Roadmaps: Tying IT Investments to Business Goals (Members Only)

This study outlines nine best practices to align IT investment to business goals and overcome core roadmapping challenges.

» Roadmapping RACI Chart (Members Only)

Use this RACI chart to define the core roadmapping teams and oversight roles and to assign responsibilities to appropriate stakeholders.

Roadmap Execution

» IT Strategic Planning Process Map (Members Only)

Use this tool as guidance for improving IT strategic planning and roadmapping processes.

» IT Roadmaps: A Reference Manual for Roadmap Visualization (Members Only)

Use this reference manual to understand the four types of roadmaps, their differences, and access real-world examples, each of which has been put in its company context and annotated to call out key features.