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IT Strategic Planning

Map projects to value drivers

Work with business partners to roadmap projects by value driver and ensure the right balance of investment choices.


Cascade strategy and monitor adoption

Cascade strategy to IT teams and ensure they map projects to value drivers. Add the “no value driver” slice to monitor adoption and ensure teams are working on the right strategic priorities.

Change perspectives for different stakeholder conversations

Change the perspective for different stakeholder conversations. For example, view the roadmap by business units, zoom to a specific BU, then sub divide by project status.

Use the gantt chart view

Flip to the gantt chart for more detailed view.

Show project to technology dependencies

Link to projects to supporting technologies.


Technology Roadmaps

View technology lifecycles

Create your technology lifecycle roadmap.


Add vendor support lifecycle information

Overlay our library of vendor support information to identify end of life technologies.

Show downward dependencies

Understand dependencies in underlying technology stacks.

Look upwards to show supported items

See the business capabilities supported by an application.


Conduct dependency risk analysis

Use the 2x2 view for a deeper analysis. For example, plot the number and average risk of technologies supporting an application.

Summarize changes on the roadmap

Use the bullseye to summarize changes on the roadmap. In this example, gray bubbles show old applications to be retired and blue bubbles show new applications to be deployed.

ITRMBdemo_Technology6 _ChangeSummary

Capability Roadmaps

Show current state maturity

Visualize current capability maturity. In this view, the bullseye rings show maturity level and the color indicates maturity risk – capabilities you are targeting for improvement.

Build a capability plan

Use the gantt chart to plan timelines for enhancing capabilities


View projects supporting capabilities

Show projects supporting capability upgrades.



A Word about Data

All the data you see here is user definable. You can create as many different ways to slice and dice the roadmap as you need.

Roadmap Builder doesn’t come with a pre-defined heavy duty data model. We’ve found these models are counterproductive – they hurt and slow implementations more than they help.

Instead our implementation team helps you define the minimum data you need to collect to meet your roadmap objectives. This dramatically reduces time to value, and the system is designed so it’s easy to add more.