Creating Compelling Roadmaps

70% of IT executives are dissatisfied with their roadmapping process.

Roadmap creation workFlow

Roadmaps can be a helpful communication tool in the IT planning process to influence your organization's investment decisions.

The most effective roadmaps will help bridge the gap between strategic plans and tactical operational plans and engage a broad set of stakeholders to gain support for planned investments.

To build a compelling roadmap, start with a clear vision of both the message and your audience to determine the right data to include.  The roadmap's ultimate goal should be to improve discussion and help you and your team make better decisions.

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CEB IT Roadmap Builder™

CEB IT Roadmap Builder is a cloud-based service designed to help teams reduce cost and risk in the current portfolio as well as make better choices with future investments.

CEB IT Roadmap Builder was built on insights gained from interviews with hundreds of IT leaders, more than a decade of research into IT planning issues and best practices, the world’s largest archive of actual technology roadmaps, and the only source for published catalogs of roadmapping processes.