CEB IT Roadmap Builder™

Plan Better. Run Faster.

CEB IT Roadmap Builder™ is a workflow and decision support solution that helps IT leaders develop and maintain their technology, strategic planning, service, and capability roadmaps.

As a result, IT organizations are better equipped to mitigate risk and improve collaboration, budgeting, and IT planning.

See how CEB IT Roadmap Builder can help you achieve results.

A Better Way to:

  • Create standardized roadmaps
  • Identify technology redundancies
  • Ensure execution progress on strategic initiatives
  • Benchmark technology plans against peers’
  • Connect IT projects to business goals
  • Engage business partners in IT plans


Improve Engagement

Create tailored visuals designed specifically for IT and business audiences.

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Reduce Cost and Risk

Identify and retire redundant, high-cost, and high-risk technologies.

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Increase ROI

Ensure IT resources and investments are aligned with business priorities.

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