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Spotlight on Navigating the New Vendor Landscape: Q1 2016 Edition

CEB's IT Quarterly–published by CEB Information Technology–provides valuable insights on the most current technology trends and challenges. Articles feature findings collected from over 1,500 IT executives and across each IT function to help you increase the performance and value delivery of the entire IT organization.

Feature Article: Finding Opportunity in the New Vendor Landscape


CIOs know they can propel competitive advantage by employing the new and emergent capabilities niche vendors offer. But current sourcing practices favor larger, incumbent vendors—putting newer, smaller providers at a disadvantage.

Read the article to learn the two tactics leading organizations use to ensure they can take advantage of the innovation capabilities offered by niche vendors, without compromising on reliability and security.

Also in this issue:

SaaS in 2016: How to Move from Vendor Evaluation to Venture Evaluation

This year, 27% of enterprises will spend more than 8% of their IT budgets on SaaS purchases. But are you using the right metrics to get full value from these relationships? Read the full article to find out.

Rethinking Third-Party Risk Management

With so many high-profile breaches and increasing questions from boards of directors, due diligence approaches are not enough. CIOs and CISOs need to start truly managing third-party risk. Read the full article for 5 best-in-class risk management strategies.

Driving Maximum Returns from PPM Tools

More than two-thirds of IT leaders believe their current PPM tools aren’t generating the value they anticipated. Organizations must shift away from selecting a tool with the right bells and whistles and focus on extracting value from their PPM tools. Read the full article for three critical action steps for realizing full returns.

Four Cloud Sourcing Questions to Monitor in 2016

In 2016, advances in cloud computing will continue to change the economics of sourcing, which means the debates on the cost of cloud services are about to become more complex. Read the full article to discover the four questions IT leaders will need to monitor in 2016 to inform their cloud strategy.

Coaching Start-Ups to Unlock Innovation

To Alan Boehme at Coca-Cola, Enterprise Architecture’s primary role is to drive the big ideas. His big idea? Have Coca-Cola partner with start-ups to turn their new technology products into successful solutions for Coca-Cola’s businesses. Read the full article for more on how EA staff engaged with start-ups to drive innovation.

Infographic of the Quarter

View our infographic on Four Opportunities to Improve IT Sourcing Maturity.