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Current Issue: Spotlight on the New Economics of IT

CEB's IT Quarterly—published by CEB Information Technology—provides valuable insights on the most current technology trends and challenges. Articles feature findings collected from over 1,500 IT executives and across each IT function to help you increase the performance and value delivery of the entire IT organization.

Feature Article: Follow the Money—Why the Right IT Funding Model Is Essential for Digitization

Skydiver Group

IT and business leaders broadly agree that their digital agendas require new structures, processes, and skills in IT. But one critical component is often overlooked: how technology is funded.

Today’s IT funding models were shaped by CFOs’ desire to rein in spending and CIOs’ mandate to direct money toward strategic priorities. As a result, companies manage the IT budget the same way as other categories of corporate overhead—in a slow, careful, and calendar-based timeline.

IT leaders now have the opportunity to create a new funding model to speed up digitization, but first, they must address five challenges.


Also in this issue:

Straight Talk About Cloud Economics

For many IT organizations, the shift of assets to the cloud is a question of “when” and “how much,” not “if.” We’ve outlined five tips to start a conversation about the economics of an enterprise cloud strategy with your CFO, Procurement, and other C-suite leaders.  

Improve Cost-Efficiency by Targeting Troubled Projects

Project budgets are under scrutiny, and IT leaders are looking for more efficient ways to allocate scarce resources.  The first place to look to find efficiencies? Troubled projects. Leading PMOs use three techniques to mitigate the cost of troubled projects and promote cost-efficient project management. 

A New Model for Applications Portfolio Management

Conventional approaches to portfolio management rely on assumptions that no longer always apply. We’ve identified three critical questions IT leaders need to ask themselves about how to manage the applications portfolio in a digital environment fraught with changing demands. 

Insight Leader: Voices of Digital Disruption, Deliv CEO Daphne Carmeli

Our Digital Enterprise 2020 research group spoke with Deliv CEO Daphne Carmeli about digital disruption, partnering with large retailers on new digital capabilities, and building a technology-enabled flexible workforce model.

Adapting Enterprise Architecture to Support Agile Development at Scale

Infographic of the Quarter

View our infographic on three ways to improve budget flexibility.