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CEB's IT Quarterly

A Journal for CIOs and Their Leadership Teams

CEB's IT Quarterly—published by CEB Information Technology—provides valuable insights on the most current technology trends and challenges. Articles feature findings collected from over 1,500 IT executives and across each IT function to help you increase the performance and value delivery of the entire IT organization.

Featured in this issue: Talent Implications of Digitization


Digitization is fundamentally changing IT’s role and how it supports the rest of the business. As a result, the role of both the CIO and IT employees must also evolve.

In this issue, we explore how the priorities for talent in the digitization era are changing and detail how these changes are manifesting across key IT roles

Also in this issue:

What Digital Means for the CIO Role

To provide insight on what to change and what it takes to succeed as a digital CIO, we talked with hundreds of CIOs and other business leaders from a range of industries and collected lessons learned from leaders of digitization efforts.

How to Set up Project Managers for Agile Success

Digitization and fast-changing customer needs have amplified product speed-to-market demands. In response, most organizations are expanding their use of Agile methods to gain delivery speed

How to Build the Digital Ready Development Team

Learn how to retool development teams to support digital strategy.

10 New Information Security Roles for the Digitization Era

High demand and a limited pool of security specialists make Information Security staffing a perennial challenge.      

The Return of the Infrastructure Engineer

Infrastructure engineers have many new opportunities. But these opportunities require fresh thinking about what makes a great engineer and a great engineering culture.