IT Clock Speed

IT Clock Speed

IT's speed to deliver new capabilities is critical to achieving key business goals such as entering new markets, responding to new competitors, and complying with new laws and regulations, but 63% of business partners think their organizations do not respond quickly enough to new technology opportunities.

Many IT organizations look to increase IT speed by implementing Agile or iterative methodologies. While these methodologies do accelerate development, they are insufficient; 85% of all opportunities to increase IT’s delivery speed actually occur before development begins.

To improve the organization's ability to seize new technology-enabled business opportunities, IT must increase its overall clock speed—the pace at which IT understands and responds to deliver value against business partners’ changing needs.

Improving clock speed helps accelerate IT's ability to:

  • Understand business demand
  • Align and make decisions about technology priorities and resource allocation
  • Deliver the new capabilities required by business leaders