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IT Chief of Staff: How to
Run the Office of the CIO

How CEB Can Help You Run an Effective Office of the CIO

Define the Role of the IT Chief of Staff

» Why Do You Need an IT Chief of Staff?
This primer explains the benefits of establishing the IT chief of staff role, and gives concrete guidance on what to look for when developing or hiring for the role.

» The IT Chief of Staff in 2015 (Members Only)
*Non-members: Fill out the form to the right for this free download.
Use the findings from our 2015 IT chief of staff survey to define the reporting relationships, key activities, and performance measures for an effective leader of the Office of the CIO.

Resources to Run the Office of the CIO

» IT Chief of Staff Toolkit (Preview)
All IT chiefs of staff should use these tools to help them accelerate their performance.

Strategic Planning

» IT Strategic Plan Review Service (Members Only)
Get direct, personalized advice from CEB on opportunities to increase your strategic plan's clarity and impact.

» IT Strategic Planning Template (Members Only)
Reduce the time and effort required to create a strategic plan and succinctly communicate the plan to IT and non-IT stakeholders using this customizable strategic plan template.

» Ten Competencies for Your IT Strategic Planning Team 
Use this checklist to determine if your team has the necessary competencies to make your strategic plans as effective as possible. this template.

» Strategy Execution Dashboard  (Members Only)
Gain objective insight into your IT priorities that are at risk of execution failure, and receive actionable guidance to mitigate the barriers that drive that risk. this template.


» Investing for Business Outcomes (Members Only)
Learn how to change your capital allocation process to find and fund the projects that will have the most impact on employee productivity.

» Budget Reallocation Toolkit  (Members Only)
The Budget Reallocation Toolkit provides tactics and tools to improve budget flexibility and quickly move resources to meet unplanned demand.

Performance Measurement

» CEB IgnitionTM Guide to Creating a Scorecard for IT  (Members Only)
This step-by-step guide contains customizable tools and templates to help you create a best-in-class scorecard to measure and communicate IT value.

» IT Performance Management Toolkit  (Members Only)
Use the toolkit to quickly implement a best practice performance management process, regardless of your current maturity.

Organizational Management

» IT Strategic Workforce Planning Roadmap  
Follow these 12 steps for more effective strategic workforce planning.

» IT Organizational Chart Library  (Members Only)
Access our database of IT organizational charts from leading organizations designed to assist IT leaders with their own organizational redesign.

Network with Other IT Chiefs of Staff

» 2016 Meetings for IT Chiefs of Staff  (Members Only)
CEB’s annual meeting series includes two in-person events reserved for those in the IT chief of staff role to ensure true peer to peer discussion:

  • Build a World-Class Strategy to Transform IT
    IT strategy creation is one of the most important ways that chiefs of staff contribute to the success of IT and the business as a whole, but fewer than 30% of IT organizations rate themselves as mature in this activity. This meeting will provide a unique opportunity to see and apply real world examples of effective strategic planning and communication, including how to create a strategy to transform your IT talent.
  • Accelerating Digital Transformation
    As all companies become technology companies, business leaders are pursuing new revenue opportunities and the next generation of productivity enhancement. But to take advantage of these new digitization opportunities, organizations must undergo rapid and continuous change.

    This meeting will review new, cross-functional approaches to managing IT and business transformations, and provide real-world examples of how leading IT organizations build organizational capability to rapidly and effectively adapt to constant change.

Non-Members: Contact us for more details on registration.

» Webinar Series: Running an Effective Office of the CIO  (Members Only)
Join our webinars to network regularly with other IT chiefs of staff and discuss solutions to common challenges. Upcoming topics in this virtual event series include:

  • Talent Management
  • Change Management
  • Metrics and Scorecards
  • Strategic Planning
  • Enhancing Chief of Staff Effectiveness.

» CEB's IT Chief of Staff Forum on LinkedIn 

Join CEB IT's IT Chief of Staff Forum on LinkedIn to network and share best practices with other IT chiefs of staff.