Six Steps for Building Effective Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Roadmap

71% of Infrastructure teams are restructuring their service models; but without a comprehensive service management strategy in place, most will fail to realize full cost and performance improvements. And it matters - CEB research shows that on average, best practices in Infrastructure service management can yield up to $5M in cost savings and up to a 70% improvement in response time.

CEB’s Infrastructure Service Management in a Box outlines a six step roadmap for building best-in-class Infrastructure services that can help your team maximize the return on your service management efforts.

Six Steps for Building Infrastructure Services

Define and Design Infrastructure Services

Create an Infrastructure Service Delivery Model

Create an Infrastructure Service Management Organization

Create an Infrastructure Service Measurement and Monitoring Strategy

Develop an Infrastructure Service Costing Framework

Develop an Infrastructure Services Roadmap

Download CEB Infrastructure’s Roadmap for Building Infrastructure Services on the right to learn more about the six key steps and how CEB can support your service management efforts.