IT Transformation -
What You Need to Know

Technology can now be used to improve over 72% of business processes, so it’s unsurprising that executives are expecting more from IT… or deciding to take the lead themselves for faster results.

In response, many IT leaders are turning to ‘IT transformation’ – but “big bang” transformation projects are failing to provide long-term solutions for rapidly emerging technologies and unpredictable demand.

Reshaping IT for Competitive Advantage...

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To counter this uncertainty, the best IT leaders are ensuring their teams are ready to adapt to any situation the business find itself in. Download our Spotlight Article, as featured in the May 2015 edition of CIO Magazine, to review:

  • Why the leading companies are turning to ‘Adaptive IT’, 
    to respond faster - and more effectively - to any future scenario.
  • An infographic illustrating the key challenges 
    and opportunities facing IT,
     based on survey insight
    from 1000’s of global IT leaders and business executives.
  • How BP’s VP of IT Strategy is using adaptive 
    to collaborate with business partners and manage technology demand more effectively.

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More on 'Adaptive IT'...

Learn more about 'Adaptive IT', and how it can enable your team to quickly reallocate resources as business needs change, by downloading our introductory overview.