The Future of IT:
Adaptive IT

Technology drives practically every part of the business today, introducing new opportunities for Corporate IT to create competitive advantage. But, 63% of business leaders think IT is too slow to respond to new technology opportunities. Most solutions for IT leaders rely on new organizational structures, but these only create additional challenges. Instead, to maximize value, IT must adopt a framework that enables it to quickly reallocate resources as business needs change.

Adaptive IT

Effort, role, process, urgency, and talent continuously evolve as contexts
change so that IT can thrive in any environment.

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IT organizations should apply 5 principles that collectively make IT "Adaptive":

  • 1

    Excellence Should
    Be Targeted

    Focus efforts in areas where IT provides comparative advantage.

  • 2

    Role is

    Adopt different responsibilities based on the operating context.

  • 3

    Shapes Process

    Apply judgment to determine the right level of process rigor.

  • 4

    Speed-to-Market Comes First

    Increase the priority given to speed-to-market when making trade-offs.

  • 5

    Technical and Business Talent Isn't Either/Or

    Sharpen IT's technical edge and business skills in parallel.

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