Architectural Detail

Building an Enterprise Architecture Group

Why Enterprise Architecture Matters: The Essentials

We see variation in specific activities of Enterprise Architecture groups, but Enterprise Architecture delivers value in three broad ways:

  1. Protect Cost Efficiency
    Enterprise Architecture groups contribute to cost savings or avoidance in several ways. First, by documenting and analyzing existing technologies within the IT portfolio, Enterprise Architecture is able to spot duplicative technologies and make recommendations for retirement or consolidation. This activity helps senior business and IT leaders avoid unnecessary costs over the long-term.

    Secondly, Enterprise Architecture groups create reference architectures, standards and guidance for use by IT project teams. These resources ensure IT teams use technologies that are supportable and sustainable.

  2. Control Risk and Quality
    Enterprise Architecture groups monitor the quality of IT processes and technologies, which is particularly critical for organizations operating with many legacy systems.

  3. Drive Enterprise Growth 
    Enterprise Architecture moves organizations toward their desired future-state by connecting their strategic plan directly to IT investments; they map technology and capabilities planning to future business goals. 

    In a number of organizations, Enterprise Architecture also advises business leaders on investment decisions and how to scale innovative new technologies because Enterprise Architecture has a cross-enterprise view of the bigger picture.

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