Everything on Demand

Everything on demand is where consumers expect to be able to access and extract value from their products and services instantly.

Why Should You Care?

Consumers expect to be able to access products and services instantly, as can been seen with micro-moments.  This expectation can manifest itself in two ways. First, there are the consumers who are not concerned with owning products for themselves and are more likely to subscribe to on-demand services, such as Spotify and Netflix in B2C and Cargomatic in B2B. Rather than purchasing the physical goods, customers choose to lease the goods as and when they are needed. Second, there are consumers who expect the products they want to purchase to be readily available, which is demonstrated by the increased popularity of auto-refill services.

What’s the Catch?

While some consumers will prefer to rent rather than buy products, the value of developing products for purchase will not disappear. Instead, an increasing number of organizations will choose to enhance their existing product sets with information-rich services, which help consumers improve their product experiences.

Assessing the Trend

Readiness by 2020

Impact by 2020

Case in Practice

  • Amazon developed its “dash replenishment service,” which enables other organizations’ Internet-connected devices to replenish key components when they are running low. For example, Brita will order more water filters automatically when the connected consumer’s supply is depleting.
  • Cargomatic enables businesses to quickly ship products through an application without having to own a haulage fleet. The app highlights licensed trucks that are available in the area and enables companies to track the progress of their delivery.