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Grab the Board's Attention.
Take your seat
at the table.

Fit Your IT Strategy On a Page

A strong strategic plan is invaluable, but over 75% of business partners believe IT is ineffective at strategic planning.

This is your moment to create a plan that sticks. Deliver a strategy that captures the board's attention.

Each year, we help hundreds of CIOs get the level of precision  and clarity that a strategy on a page requires. Our members look to us for the following:

  • Techniques from the world’s best corporate strategy teams to make IT strategic planning flexible, business-aligned, and low effort.
  • Proprietary analysis of emerging trends to help the IT leadership team think creatively about their strategic goals.
  • Business-friendly templates to capture and communicate the strategic plan.
  • An objective, third party review of a draft plan to provide feedback and pressure-test assumptions.

To learn more, download our customizable IT strategy on a page template.