IT-Business Engagement

IT-Business Engagement

Highly engaged IT-business teams can increase IT performance by 54%, but less than a quarter of all IT-business teams are highly engaged. Four key elements make up effective IT-business engagement:

  1. Partnership
  2. Consistency
  3. Delivery
  4. Alignment

To achieve effective engagement, both IT and business partners must develop and sustain relationships, but this is complicated by business partners increasingly sourcing their own technology solutions, rather than working directly with IT. This puts traditional models of IT-business engagement under strain; where IT used to work upfront with business partners to provide technology solutions to meet their business needs, IT is now often brought in later on in the process of developing a solution, or is left out of the process entirely.

Leading IT organizations continue to maintain high levels of engagement in this environment by providing a range of models for engaging with business partners. They continue help deliver technology solutions, but complement this by coaching and consulting with business partners, and acting as brokers between business stakeholders and external providers, as the business need arises.