CEB Business Analyst
Development Accelerator

Learning Objectives

The business analyst environment has changed. Business partners are aggressively seeking IT solutions in areas like mobility and collaboration, end users expect the same ease of use they have with consumer technologies, and technology teams are working on shorter timelines and increasing their use of Agile. 

Given these changes, expectations for the business analyst role have increased. Our curriculum develops the skills that have the biggest impact on business analyst effectiveness in this new environment: skills to influence project outcomes.

This workshop will help business analysts:

  • Understand the rising bar for business analyst effectiveness
  • Increase critical, strategic-level thinking about business needs
  • Understand and surface desired business outcomes
  • Communicate the rationale for requirements prioritization

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for effective and high-potential business analysts expected to influence project business outcomes.

Who Should Not Attend:

  • New-to-role business analysts
  • Business relationship managers

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