IT Budget Benchmarking Service

Compare Your IT Budget and Staffing

CEB's IT Budget Benchmarking Survey reveals trends in IT budgets and staffing to improve your budgeting process and increase decision-making confidence. The results include a custom report benchmarking your plans against peers of similar industry and revenue, as well as provide unique groupings of organizations with similar business strategy, information intensity, and business model diversity.

For a look into the 2016-2017 results, download the IT benchmark key findings on the right. The benchmarks are created from nearly 200 organizations globally and cover spending levels, staffing levels, and project budget allocations.

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Benchmark Benefits - Assess and Benchmark Critical IT Budget and Staffing Metrics

Key Benchmarks

IT Budget Allocation

  • Total IT budget size
  • Total IT expenditure as a percentage of revenue
  • Total IT expenditure per user
  • Capital expenditure level
  • Spending by investment category
  • Spending by functional area
  • Operating expenditure level
  • Outsourcing and offshoring levels

Staffing Level

  • Total staffing levels
  • Staffing levels by function

IT Trends and Performance

  • Expected change in IT project budget
  • IT project budget by project type
  • Key project performance metrics
  • Deployment of IT or business service models

IT Budget Benchmarking Participation Timeline

Week 1

Survey Preparation

  • Register your organization to participate in the IT Benchmarking Survey.
  • Appoint a lead coordinator within your organization to serve as a point of contact for us and collect the survey data internally.
  • Determine which team members need to be involved to collect the survey data.
  • Receive an Excel-based version of the survey to aid internal data collection.

Week 2-4

Conduct Survey

  • Receive an online link to complete the survey.
  • If necessary, CEB will contact you for confirmation of any outlier responses.

Week 5

Report Delivery and Custom Data Analysis

  • Receive your customized IT Benchmarking report comparing your data against that of your peers.
  • A member of our Executive Advisor™ team will be available for a telephone-based workshop to walk you through the results and key findings.

Looking for a version specifically for midsized companies? We've got you covered. Download our IT Budget Benchmarking Key Findings for Midsized Companies instead.