Seven Steps to Retire the Legacy Portfolio

Applications Retirement

Making the Business Case for Legacy Retirement

Retiring the legacy portfolio is critical to Applications’ ability to deliver on new demands, but most teams struggle to make the case for retirement to business partners. In fact, 60% of most IT budgets go to maintenance and support. 

To help your team reduce this burden and free resources for new capabilities, CEB Applications has outlined seven action steps to make sure you have all the information, buy-in, and communication in place to successfully retire a legacy application:

Build a retirement roadmap

Assess applications for retirement

Plan the replacement solution

Reduce support for sunsetting applications

Plan for adoption of the new system

Plan for data migration

Fight against resistance to retirement

Download an excerpt of CEB’s Applications Retirement Playbook on the right to learn more about the seven steps for successful legacy retirement and how CEB can support your application retirement efforts.