2014 Applications Outlook

10 Imperatives For Applications Leaders

Applications’ role in the organization is changing and as a result, teams face new expectations and challenges from business leaders and employees in 2014.

CEB has analyzed the key business and technology trends impacting Applications teams and identified 10 imperatives that every Applications leader must address to be prepared for 2014:

Managing Information Flows and Externalized Delivery
1. Prepare for More Integration Work as SaaS Advances
2. Build Methods to "Broker" Niche Vendor Capabilities to Meet New Demands
3. Prepare to Respond to Changing Threats in Privacy and Security

Executing Against New Project Demand
4. Prepare Your Business Analysts for Project Management Responsibilities on Quick-Turnaround Solutions
5. Ensure You Are Coding for the Cloud
6. Apply Agile Beyond Development to Support, Integration, and Infrastructure
7. Don't Let "Mobile Sprawl" Impede End-User Needs

Driving Employee Productivity
8. Engage the Crowd to Advance Solutions' Innovation
9. Roadmap Toward Personalization of User Experience
10. Improve Collaboration with Infrastructure to Deliver on Customer Requirements

Download CEB Applications' 2014 Applications Outlook White Paper on the right to learn more about the 10 imperatives, the trends behind them, and how you should respond.