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CEB IT's offerings identify the best economic outcome to difficult functional and IT management challenges facing CIOs and senior IT executives. Our insight is vendor independent and sourced from our vast executive network that spans the C-suite. Peer informed and immediately actionable, CEB's solutions help our members transform the IT function and elevate corporate performance by becoming not just better IT managers but also better business leaders.

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Government IT: How Government Agencies are Making Data More Useful
Reliance on government data is deepening for public and private sector use. It's imperative government organizations make their vast reams of data both accessible and usable. Tue Feb 21 03:00:51 EST 2017
Corporate IT: Get Ready for Changes to the US Visa Program
No one yet knows what will happen, or how much fallout there will be, but any changes will certainly affect Corporate IT. There are two near-term and four longer-term steps that CIOs and their teams should be taking. Fri Feb 10 03:00:55 EST 2017
Information Security Budgets: More Money and More Staff, But Growth Finally Slowing
As information risk has grown in importance across the past five years or so, teams have been showered with resources, but the boom times could be ending. Wed Feb 08 03:00:35 EST 2017

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