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CEB IT's offerings identify the best economic outcome to difficult functional and IT management challenges facing CIOs and senior IT executives. Our insight is vendor independent and sourced from our vast executive network that spans the C-suite. Peer informed and immediately actionable, CEB's solutions help our members transform the IT function and elevate corporate performance by becoming not just better IT managers but also better business leaders.

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Corporate IT: How to Get the Most From an IT Roadmap
Roadmaps are a vital part of the way IT teams communicate their strategy, and so ensure swift and effective implementation. Three tips will help teams make more from their roadmaps. Tue Jul 18 03:00:03 EDT 2017
Government IT: Four Tests to Help You Prioritize Resources
The push for agency reform under the current administration provides an opportunity for government IT teams to reevaluate how they meet their goals. Four questions will help them decide if they’re on the right track. Fri Jul 14 03:00:52 EDT 2017
Corporate IT: Managing the Growth of Business-Led Analytics
More and more parts of a big company use data and analysis as a core part of their day jobs, and this has meant an explosion in the number of teams outside IT now dedicated to data. Thu Jul 13 03:00:48 EDT 2017

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