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Iconosphere 2015: Special Tracks, Special Speakers

Posted on  5 March 15  by 


We’re gearing up for our ninth annual member event, Iconosphere, in the Windy City May 4-6. So geared up, in fact, that we’re ready to announce our two keynote speakers, as well as our new way to help attendees navigate the conference.im_Iconosphere2015MktgFeat_401152_2

Now that marketers must become content providers, you’re probably wondering how to make the stickiest, slickest and smartest of content. Look to the guy who produced the most profitable movie in Hollywood history. Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions made the horror flick Paranormal Activity for a mere $15,000, and it grossed close to $200 million worldwide, ushering in the new “micro-budget” model of studio filmmaking. In his day-one Iconosphere keynote, Blum will share his unique insights into newly successful forms of storytelling, discuss the game-changing ways in which Gen We and Millennial consumers are influencing content, and answer plenty of our attendees’ toughest questions.

But wait, there’s more. On day two we give the stage to journalist powerhouse Hanna Rosin, who wrote the 2012 book The End of Men: And the Rise of Women, sparking a national conversation and prompting marketers to sit up and take notice of major shifts in gender roles. The insights she shares in her talk are sure to have a major impact on how brands position themselves to women in the lightning-soon future.

In the moments between these keynotes, attendees will be soaking up the smarts at our consumer strategists’ presentations. We have so much deep research to share this year that we decided to organize the content by theme: “Mindbenders” presentations will rock your marketingscape with new avenues and strategies; “Demographic Dives” will go deep on particular generations or groups; “Behavioral Beacons” will help brand owners understand consumer shifts within particular categories; and “Functional Excellence” will bring meta-level marketing insights to the mix.

Won’t you join us? Contact us soon or you’ll miss the party — and the take-home favors are sure to be the most actionable consumer insights of the year.


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