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Posted on  24 February 15  by 


The CEB Iconoculture Values and Lifestyle Survey is a long-term effort that identifies and monitors trends, measures the relevance of core values among consumer groups in multiple categories, and provides magnitude and direction of the forces shaping consumers’ lives. We’ve now amassed five years’ worth of data, having started conducting the survey in 2010. 3,020 US consumers age 15+ took the 40-minute survey in 2014. Each year, we internally pass around the key findings from that survey, sliced and diced by category, generation and gender. They’re a helpful tool in our process of unlocking significant consumer insights. This year, it hit us: Why not share the love?


We’ve just published our first slate of US “Data Dives” into the survey findings from 2014: 10 short slideshows (consumer activities, consumer values, fashion and style, food and beverage, health and beauty, home, media and technology, money and spending, shopping and retail, transportation and travel) outlining the most compelling consumer behaviors in the categories marketers can’t ignore. Wondering whether kids actually go to the mall anymore, whether the DIY home spirit is as strong among Millennials as it is with Boomers, or whether Latino consumers’ values really differ from the rest of the population? Then these docs are sure to tantalize. Contact us to get your hands on the full slideshows.


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