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Engaging consumers worldwide

Posted on  18 February 14  by 


by Michael T. McCune, Traci Croft, Valeria Piaggio and Kathrin Schaarschmidt

Every year, the Global advisory team at CEB Iconoculture Consumer Insights takes stock of the consumer mood around the world and presents our clients with an assessment of global sentiment. The webcast presenting this year’s Global Panorama will take place on March 11.

Q1 is a time when the global team at CEB Iconoculture pauses to review the recent consumer experience: What did the world experience in the past year? What expectations are they carrying into 2014? What factors will impact the evolution of consumer sentiment in the coming year? There’s a lot to sift through, but our day-to-day work documenting changes in consumer motivations and building out emerging trends provides a great foundation on which to analyze our most recent wave of quantitative data.

Now entering its fifth year, our Global Consumer Values and Lifestyle Survey collects and aggregates consumer opinion about their claimed behavior and attitudes across multiple categories of consumption. It also asks a set of questions related to their personal outlook and future expectations. For example, BRIC markets exhibit a pattern we see in many countries and regional groupings, namely a decline in optimism on topics the consumer has less control over. While consumers certainly have a lot of control over their own personal lives, the average consumer has little impact on the outcome of world events, hence a greater tendency to see downward trends.

BRICOptimistic_bloglrgThese outlooks and expectations provide us with a higher-order framework through which to talk about and synthesize the anchors of country-level sentiment and the “whys” behind the trajectories we foresee:  our “panorama.”

The global webcast is brief, but to the point. We’ll share the trended sentiment data on a regional basis across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific and lay out the broad themes for each region. It will provide CEB Iconoculture members an opportunity to compare their own perceptions and understandings, and establish our mutual starting point for continued exploration together over the course of the balance of the year.


photo credit: CEB Iconoculture Consumer Insights


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