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BRIC consumers travel to learn and discover

Posted on  8 June 15  by 


by Sumaa Tekur

Educated urban consumers in BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are increasingly traveling not just for rest and relaxation but cultural exploration and learning. For these busy, curious middle-class explorers, travel is about more than taking time off from the daily routine; it empowers them, challenges their mind and exposes them to Cultural FusionSM.

Urban Indians eager to explore the culture and beauty of India’s hinterland are attending arts festivals and folk fairs in far-off villages, signing up for vintage car rallies, and experiencing rural tourism by driving off the beaten track. These Culture Travellers are curating their travel experiences to take them beyond travel brochures to reconnect with local cultural pride.

Midlifers from Brazilian cities may be tied to work and family responsibilities, but they’re also prioritizing self-growth through travel. These consumers are going on solo vacations to carve out some me-time. Singles’ travel packages are popular with not just singles but also married and coupled midlifers in Brazil who enjoy taking time out to explore their interests. While Alone on the Road, they can meet people and prioritize their own needs without worrying about other responsibilities.

For urban, educated Russians, the leisure of travel is in the learning. Travel companies in Russia are improving on standard package tours by including subject experts who will pepper the journey with their knowledge of the arts, literature and culture.

Young Chinese travel enthusiasts find the packaged tours sold by travel agencies too formulaic for their evolved tastes. Routine tourist spots and common shopping destinations hold little appeal for travelers who prefer experiences that open up their senses to the arts and culture of a place. These consumers are using online tools to customize their travel and create an itinerary that suits their interests. They’re often called Super Tourists and like to combine adventure and nature.


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