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10 things brands are doing wrong – and how Iconosphere will make things right

Posted on  5 February 15  by 


im_Iconosphere2015MktgFeat_401152_2At Iconosphere 2015, we’ll be putting the insights back into Consumer Insights. We’re hard at work conducting groundbreaking research in all the key areas you care about. Check out these tantalizing appetizers, and don’t miss the main courses: main-stage presentations, breakout sessions and interactive roundtables that will deliver white-glove service in Chicago, May 4-6.


  1. Most brands assume that Millennial women will follow the work-life path of their Boomer moms. The reality is much different — impacting the entire purchasing trajectory of this huge generation.
  2. Almost all consumers think of themselves as middle class, right? Actually, they are quite attuned to their place in the whole, which has a ripple effect on luxury positioning and marketing-by-income.
  3. Brands should resist the urge to segment consumers into hyper-specific food types. A more grounded high-low mix is the new way to eat, drink, shop and cook.
  4. Legend has it that country is the strongest predictor of behavior or attitude, but we’ve cracked the code on the correct answer for any brand gunning for global dominance. There will be gasps.
  5. Financial services brands are missing a gargantuan opportunity to connect with Millennials — banks and advisers should no longer wait until the young’uns are old and rich.
  6. Cultural nuances still deserve consideration in marketing — sometimes. Trouble is, few brands thought to ask Latinos, African Americans and Asian Americans for their take. We’ll provide a roadmap for when and which multicultural consumers expect to be included in the general market.
  7. Authenticity is marketing’s least helpful buzzword. That is, until you attend the Iconosphere presentation that will tease out what consumers really want from the promise.
  8. Myth: Boomers have been studied to death, and are too old to be relevant. Truth: Their massive influence will outlive them. Hint: We’re talking a cultural shift in Americans’ view of aging, and the spending it drums up.
  9. Most brands think that Millennials are the sweet spot for mobile shopping, using apps to research a purchase rather than make a purchase. Wrong and wrong.
  10. Trying to appeal to shoppers’ emotional side is actually a bad idea. Instead, we’ll show you how to support the rational retail road that consumers are already starting down.

Eager for further 411 on this year’s Sphere? Contact us for registration information.


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