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Pay Communications

How should we communicate rewards packages to build understanding and value among employees?

Only 26% of employees have a positive perception of their pay.

That number is low, and hasn’t budged since 2008 in spite of the fact that compensation executives and their teams have been investing heavily in improving pay communications and increasing pay transparency.

Specifically, organizations have been focusing on the content—e.g., finding the right pay topics, the right level of detail, etc.

But the dynamics of delivering and consuming information have changed, both for employees and organizations.

For pay communications today, it is much more important to get the delivery right than the content right.

Employees today are not consuming the pay messages from organizations, no matter how much information is shared and how transparently.

Improving the delivery of pay communication, however, at least doubles the impact of those messages on employee pay perceptions, regardless of how much pay information the organization currently shares.

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