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Smart Sourcing

Sourcing—the act of finding, engaging, and converting prospective candidates—is a critical step in the recruiting process and a powerful way recruiting teams create value for their organizations.

Standard sourcing practice is reactive; it draws primarily from the pool of candidates that are actively looking for jobs and starts anew for each requisition. Reactive sourcing is often a good option for low-value, infrequent requisitions. In these instances, promoting employee referrals and writing compelling job postings can go a long way, but many recruiters rely too heavily on sourcing active candidates.

The best recruiting teams source smarter by building talent pipelines—deep pools of named and known talent that can be tapped quickly to meet hiring needs. It helps recruiters interview 34% fewer candidates, increase their pipeline yield by threefold, hire their first choice 14% more often, fill positions 19% faster, and improve the quality of candidate shortlists by 16%.

To build talent pipelines, recruiters should:

  1. Use a proactive, principled approach. Find and engage interested, viable, high-quality prospects by using evidence and expertise consistently.
  2. Do not treat every request equally. Use market and organization intelligence and expertise to prioritize sourcing efforts and tailor sourcing strategy.
  3. Drive for impact beyond any individual requisition. Actively feed sourcing intelligence into broader talent and business decisions.

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