Selecting High-Quality Hires

The Challenge

Recruiting organizations are not delivering the high-quality hires their businesses urgently need.  According to hiring managers, 1 in 5 hires are “bad hires" or are "regretted decisions," which is particularly troubling in today's new work environment which requires breakthrough employee performance (up to 20%).

New hires today face more interdependent roles, increasingly work with and through others to get work done, and must rely on and coordinate with many people across functions and geographies.

What the Best Companies Do

In today's work environment, hiring candidates with the highest ability for their roles is actually less important than hiring those that best fit with the way work gets done. Organizations must hire more on candidate fit, not just ability.

In fact, it’s less about culture fit and more about “network fit"—how well the new hire works with his or her immediate network. This more colleague-centric, work-centric type of fit can improve quality of hire by 30%, more than twice the impact of culture fit.

Improve the Network Fit of New Hires

To increase the network fit of your hires make simple, yet powerful, adjustments to your selection and assessment approaches. Specifically, adjust your:

  • Needs definition conversations
  • Candidate assessment approaches
  • Messaging to hiring managers

Download executive highlights from our new research on network fit, Selecting High-Quality Hires for Today's New Work Environment.

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