A New Manager Mandate

Rethinking Manager-Led Development

Given changes in the way employees work and learn today, L&D is relying on managers more than ever before to develop employees. However, manager quality remains stagnant, as only 40% of employees think their managers effectively guide them in their current roles.

To further explore this issue, CEB interviewed heads of L&D at more than 100 organizations, surveyed 225 L&D executives, and polled more than 7,000 employees and managers. CEB used various statistical analyses to identify four distinct manager approaches to employee development - Teacher, Always On, Connector, and Chearleader - and provide insight as to how each approach impacts employee performance.

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Overburdened Manager

Managers today are overwhelmed with responsibilities and seem to lack the time or motivation to effectively develop their direct reports. But is this true?

Video Preview: Connector Manager

This short video focuses on the Connector Manager approach, exploring the traits that encompass this approach, as well as the impact it has on employee performance.

Manager-Led Development Quiz

Are you interested in learning if your organization is optimizing manager-led development? Take this SnapApp quiz to find out.