manager-led development

Rethinking Manager-Led Development

Why Manager-Led Development Fails - And What to Do About It

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Organization-wide changes in strategies, structures, and systems are drastically shifting employees’ development needs and expectations today. As a result, L&D has increased its reliance on managers to coach and develop their direct reports, with 7 in 10 Heads of L&D expecting to increase manager involvement in employee development. 

However, this is a big ask for today’s already-stretched managers.

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  • The four different manager approaches to employee development
  • Why your manager strategies may actually be harming employee performance
  • How to develop managers who can increase their employees’ performance by up to 26%

A New Approach is Needed

"Our managers went through many programs.  The feedback was positive and the programs helped them in their day-to-day, but they didn't get them to where we need them to be in the future."

Head of Global Manager Development

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