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Learning Quarterly

Q1 2017

Capitalizing on Social Learning to Boost Development

Social learning is nothing new; people learn from each other all the time and always have. However, employees are increasingly seeking out their peers as a means to further their learning and development in the workplace. Evolving social learning technology presents an exciting opportunity for L&D to capitalize on this trend and boost employee learning and development at scale. But if opportunity is to become reality, L&D must think carefully about how it manages social learning.

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  • The Enterprise Issue - Eliminating Performance Ratings will ultimately negatively affect most organizations, as most managers are not equipped to manage performance without them.
  • The L&D Innovator - Hear directly from Megan Giannini, Global Head of Integrated Talent Management for Philips on new approach to HIPO development.
  • Quick Wins - Making Employees Better Learners
  • Key Trends - Four Trends Affecting L&D

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