Building the Next-Generation L&D Function

Wasted Learning Inside and Outside L&D

The vast majority of learning supplied across the organization (about 70% outside the L&D function and 64% within the function) is going to waste, because it is redundant or of low quality.

To decrease wasted learning, the best L&D functions extend their influence across the learning community by establishing franchise partnerships. Franchise partnerships succeed by overcoming four barriers:

  • Lack of visibility into the learning supply
  • Inconsistent learning processes
  • Underdeveloped L&D capabilities
  • Uncoordinated experimentation

Learning franchises reduce wasted learning costs by $5.1 million, on average, and improve the effectiveness of L&D and learning partners at content quality, capability development, and business results.

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CEB L&D Provides Decision Support

In addition to providing best practices, CEB Learning & Development Leadership Council provides decision support for building the next-generation L&D function.

Download the Learning Responsibilities Map. The map is a guide to what responsibilities the L&D team has, and separately what responsibilities learning partners have, to ensure employees receive the best learning possible.

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