CEB Support for
HR Priorities

HR Performance and Service Assessment

Identify Where HR Performance Matters Most to Your Business Leaders

Improved HR support of the line can increase employee performance by 21% and retention by 26%. However, the rapidly changing work environment complicates HR's efforts to align support with business priorities: only 33% of line managers feel their HR function is effective at supporting them.

CEB's Approach to Assessing HR Performance

CEB's Business Alignment Tool (BAT) is a performance assessment of the HR function, based on value delivered to internal customers. It measures 48 attributes of the HR function across three categories: Product Offerings, Service Approach, and Staff Capabilities. Internal customers assess each attribute in terms of its importance to them and HR’s effectiveness at it. Because the framework is standard across all organizations, you can compare your results to an aggregate benchmark.

BAT helps you improve the value HR delivers to the organization by identifying:

  • Where business leaders' HR expectations are the same or different
  • The highest priority opportunities to improve HR performance where it matters most to organizational success BAT differs from conventional

BAT differs from conventional assessments of HR performance in three ways:

  • Scope
    BAT's 48 attributes address not only HR's service offerings but also the approach to service delivery and competencies of the HR team.
  • Structure
    Participants assess how HR is performing on these attributes, and rate their relative importance.
  • Stakeholders
    The tool is deployed to business leaders and HR staff to identify areas where priorities are misaligned.