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Top Drivers of Attraction

Employees’ perceptions of job opportunities increased 1.2% globally in Q2 2017. Contrary to the global trend, North America and Latin America saw a decrease.

In addition to feeling more confident about the job market, employee expectations of merit increases also went up. Globally, workers expected their annual raise to increase 1% year-over-year. Employees now expect a merit increase of 4% going into 2018.

Report Highlights

  • Employees' confidence in business environment continues steady rise.
  • Emerging economies drive merit pay expectations up.
  • Attributes like compensation, work-life balance, and stability will lure employees to new organizations.

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This report includes quarterly workforce insights on global and country-level changes about what attracts, engages, and retains employees, based on data from more than 22,000 individuals in more than 40 countries.

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