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Employee confidence in business conditions reached a seven year high in 4Q 2017. In fact, most employees feel the economy is the best it has been since the global financial crisis. 

With employee confidence rising, employees are looking more at other opportunities. According to the latest data, 33% of employees worldwide intend to stay with their organization, down 1.3% from 3Q 2017. To prevent top talent from looking elsewhere, employers are encouraged to improve their internal job positions, as well as their employee value proposition. 

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Quarterly Workforce Insights

Report Highlights

  • Employees' confidence in business environment continues to rise.
  • Discretionary effort and intent to stay decreased
  • Attributes like compensation, work-life balance, and stability will lure employees to new organizations.

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This report includes quarterly workforce insights on global and country-level changes about what attracts, engages, and retains employees, based on data from more than 22,000 employees in over 40 countries.

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