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Employee Engagement


Focus efforts on the seven core engagement drivers.

Nine in ten organizations plan to increase or maintain current investment levels for employee engagement, but only 20% believe their engagement efforts drive organizational outcomes.

Many organizations invest in engagement initiatives that provide immediate impact, but do not sustain employee engagement over time.

Balance short-term improvements with seven core engagement drivers that will sustain employee engagement over time at your organization.

Seven Areas of Focus

Leverage Teams to Translate Goals into Day-to-Day Work

Employees who have a clear understanding of how their roles align to organizational objectives put forth a third more discretionary effort.

To improve employees' connection to the organization, don't just encourage managers to explain that connection; enable peers to help each other understand how goals and roles set by the organization translate into day-to-day work.

Align Employees to Jobs by Capabilities and Interests, Then Leverage Teams to Support Career Steps

Organizations can create disengagement by over-promising and under-delivering against employees' career expectations.

Define achievable career opportunities based not only on employee interests, but also on skills and experience.

Foster Peer-to-Peer Informal Feedback

Organizations struggle to achieve desired employee performance outcomes because they over-focus on performance management systems and rely primarily on manager-delivered feedback.

Focus instead on increasing employee understanding of the process, belief in fairness and credibility of the process, and informal peer-to-peer feedback.

Build Relevant Connections That Help Employees Execute Work Successfully

Six in ten employees experience disruptive changes to their team or direct manager each year, decreasing the organizaton's engagement capital.

Ease these disruptions by establishing and extending employee networks to include peers beyond immediate teammates who can provide career guidance and job support.

Focus on Noncash Awards

Noncash awards, cash bonuses, and at-market compensation raises have similar effects on engagement capital across time.

Focus on noncash awards to motivate employees and use monetary rewards to support strategic talent objectives, such as retention of critical talent or high potential employees.

Enable Employees to Demonstrate Obvious Impact on the Organization

More than two-thirds of employees lack opportunities to contribute to the success of their organization.

Rather than relying solely on employee suggestion programs, give employees opportunities to also select and own initiatives for improving organizational performance.

Enable Employee Ownership and Protection of Values

Relying on top-down communication strategies to connect employees to the organizations' values fails to build sustainable employee engagement.

Instead, build involve employees in the development and maintenance of values.

Download CEB's research to learn nore about the seven core engagement drivers.

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