Developing the Digital Learner

Deliver an Effortless Learning Experience

Rise of the Digital Learner

Changes in technology and access to information has changed the way professionals learn and consume information, resulting in the emergence of the Digital Learner. Our research shows that Digital Learners are:



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76% of employees report that they will "do what they need to do" to learn effectively.


69% of employees regularly seek out new ways of completing work from coworkers.


66% of employees expect to learn new information when they need it.

Engaging Learning Doesn't Drive Learning Application

To keep pace with Digital Learners, L&D functions focus on delivering engaging learning experiences by making learning fun, proliferating learning channels, and responding to immediate learning needs.

The approach of creating engaging content has increased Digital Learner's satisfaction with L&D offerings. However, only 37% of learning is applied on the job, and over 50% of employees report that learning is hard to access, consume, and apply.

Taking the Effort Out of Learning

Development is hard, but the learning experience shouldn't be. Deliver an effortless learning experience by making learning easier for employees to access, consume, and apply. 

Research shows that delivering an effortless learning experience impacts learning application 2.7 times more than delivering an engaging learning experience, increasing revenue per employee and improving profit.

Deliver an Effortless Learning Experience

These CEB solutions can enable you to deliver an effortless learning experience which improves learning application and employee performance:

CEB Learning and Development Leadership Council

Benchmark learning performance against best-in-class metrics, save time and make better decisions whilst achieving critical business objectives.

Leadership Academies

Functionally specific development solution that builds critical competencies,enables learners to apply new skills and measures the impact of learning.

Metrics That Matter™

Analytical tools that enable precise and strategic decisions on organizational insight and how to measure and improve talent development programs.