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CHRO Quarterly: Q2 2017

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How are your employees viewing organizational digitalization?

The tablestakes for digitalization are becoming higher as technology continues to evolve, and the needs not only differ from organization to organization but also from different internal functions. Previously, HR leaders’ role in digitalization has been focused on finding talent to support the firm’s new digital products and capabilities.

Today, embracing digitalization means looking beyond talent to consider how technology affects the way we work throughout the organization and working with other executives to implement that technology in a thoughtful manner. Find out more in this issue of CHRO Quarterly.


Featured Articles

Creating a Culture that Performs

Organizations have heavily invested in culture change over the past three years, but less than one-third have the culture they need to drive future performance. CHROs are asking us how they can ensure their organization's culture drives behaviors that are aligned with its strategy and values. Take a first look at our upcoming culture research to learn more.


Defining Digitalization: Creating a Common Vision

87% of executives agree that digitalization is a priority for their company. However, there is variation across not only organizations, but also internal functions. Learn how the best companies are defining digitalization and using it to plan for the future.


Delivering an Effortless Learning Experience for Today's Digital Learners

Today's employees are digital learners that are networked, empowered and impatient. The best L&D functions boost learning application by delivering an effortless learning experience by making it easier to consume, access, and apply learning to current roles and future careers.


Harnessing Persuasion to Shape Employee Behavior: A Conversation with Jonah Berger

Jonah Berger, professor at the Wharton School of Business at UPenn, talks to us about what makes a product, idea, or brand go viral. Using these ideas, he shows us how we can use these same techniques at an organization to influence positive business outcomes.


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