Wellness Management

The Challenge

While wellness can offer significant returns, as much as $6,000 per employee over a three-year period, most organizations capture only a small fraction of this potential impact.

Typical wellness initiatives over-focus on getting employees to participate in wellness activities, rather than focusing on what will influence employees to adopt long-term sustained healthy behaviors.

This approach leads to an immediate improvement in healthy behaviors but, these tend to decline over time and often erase any gains made. Click on the image on the right for more details.

What the Best Companies Do

Leading organizations execute on three imperatives to sustain momentum in wellness and realize cost savings:

Tailor Wellness Across Three Organizational Dimensions

Tailor wellness to

1) the organization’s priorities

2) local considerations

3) the evolving health needs of the population.


Convince Employees to Maintain Healthy Choices

Focus incentives and communications to convince employees to adopt and maintain an effective level of healthy behaviors.


Make it Easier to Maintain Healthy Behaviors

Demonstrate to employees that they can by lowering real and perceived barriers to maintaining healthy behaviors, both at the workplace and at home.


Download Executive Summary

Download an excerpt of Sustaining Momentum from Wellness Efforts for strategies to encourage permanent employee healthy behavior change.

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