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Executives are under pressure to create immediate impact for the business, yet today's fast-paced, highly collaborative environment actually slows everything down. 

Expectations for high-quality decisions are unrelenting, and heads of quality have to be prepared to enable the business standards without impeding progress. At the same time, R&D leaders have to refocus the business on long-term goals and initiatives vs. short-term projects that distract resources from bigger bets.


Although employees recognize the importance of quality, only 31% report they are likely to act on Quality initiatives—regardless of the benefits such efforts may provide.


Quality’s emphasis on the ROI of its initiatives does little to motivate stakeholder action. However, firms that focus on reducing stakeholder effort during implementation can greatly increase cross-firm participation and overall quality engagement.


Increasing the ease of stakeholder participation strengthens the firm’s quality culture, which can deliver as much as US$350 million in annual productivity savings.

Prevent Trade-Offs in Your R&D Portfolio


R&D portfolios are dangerously out of balance. Despite increasing the amount of initial funding to longer-term, highly innovative projects, these projects are being traded off—delayed, killed, or scoped down—endangering firms’ growth goals.


Key R&D projects are being crowded out by a flood of short-term incremental projects. Helping business partners make better decisions about those incremental projects— rather than focusing on the value of longer-term projects—can improve R&D portfolio health.


R&D must change how it guides the business away from lower-value incremental projects, as well as strengthen limits on R&D resources available for incremental work.