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As we look back on the year, one sentiment sums up what we’ve heard from the 21,000+ senior leaders we support: "It seems harder to get stuff done; we just feel really slow.” 

In CEB’s annual edition of Top Insights for the World's Leading Executives, we highlight three trends slowing down executives, and share insight into how the best business leaders are overcoming challenges for a fast start in 2016.

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Top Insights for the World's Leading Executives

Bring a respected voice to your next strategic conversation with insight into the most disruptive trends executives are facing today.

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3 Trends Slowing You Down Today:

Consensus Buying

The cycle time to make a decision slows and the desire to pursue an innovative solution shrinks measurably. This creates an issue for the sellers, but it is an equally big problem for the buyers, who often settle for too-general choices that don’t move the business forward.

Committee Hiring

As more future colleagues are consulted in a hiring decision, the cycle times of recruiting departments slow to a crawl. On average, recruiting takes 62% longer (or five more weeks) to fill seats than it did just 5 years ago.

Technology Clock Speed

Even as agile development and standardized cloud platforms have slashed the time needed for development, timelines for delivering new capabilities have actually grown due to increased demands from business partners.

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