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Sourcing and Optimizing Nation's Technology Talent

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CEB was privileged to be asked by the White House to participate in the TechHire Initiative — a multi-sector effort to empower Americans with the skills they need to qualify for well-paying technology jobs. Through this initiative, the White House invites universities, community colleges, and providers of accelerated technology training (e.g., coding academies, online courses) to help build a tech-savvy talent pipeline. It is also a call to action to corporate employers—encouraging them to hire people trained in non-traditional pathways for jobs that don't require a four-year computer science degree.

We contributed to this effort in multiple ways. First, we provided the White House unique data about corporate demand, skills availability and geographical trends to help size and quantify the opportunity. To arrive at its findings, CEB conducted a comprehensive market analysis covering more than 900 cities, 100 countries, 1,000 skills and exploring their relative supply of IT talent against available jobs across all industry sectors. This was conducted using its CEB TalentNeuronTM offering, which leverages big data technologies and proprietary analytics to deliver unique talent market data, insights and decision-support tools to determine where to locate talent, who to hire and how to gain strategic competitive advantage through effective talent planning and management. Next, we volunteered our expansive access to, and deep insight about, the workings of thousands of companies, to help accelerate private sector involvement with the TechHire initiative. In summary, we set ourselves a goal to help make hiring from nontraditional sources a viable opportunity for companies.

It’s a common misconception that the tech sector dominates tech hiring: the reality is that it employs just one-third (34%) of the total U.S. IT workforce. In today’s ultra-competitive, fast-changing, and knowledge-based work environment, IT talent is crucial to every organization’s success. We have developed an Employer Playbook that features real-world examples across different industries of effective approaches to onboarding and retaining employees for tech positions who may not otherwise be considered. Our playbook profiles several exemplar organizations that hire successfully from nontraditional sources, and we documented their approaches for the benefit of other employers. Fill the form on the right to download the playbook.

How CEB Can Help

CEB, through its TalentNeuron offering can help HR executives and their teams address location, talent and competitive needs in order to achieve strong talent and financial outcomes.

TalentNeuron can provide labor market snapshots and competitive intelligence to make more informed talent decisions. Reports are customized and comprehensive, and guide organizations through steps proven to lessen the pressures of employee supply gap.

Communities and employers interested in becoming involved in the TechHire Initiative should go to http://www.techhire.org/signup.