Guidance for Sales Executives at Midsized Companies

Collaborating Effectively Across Functions

Customers are taking twice as long to buy.

Why? With so much information now available, they aren't even talking with vendors until they're 57% through the buying process. Plus, 75% of customers report an increase in formal decision makers, making it harder to get to consensus.

To address this urgent challenge, leading companies are aligning Sales and other functions to the Challenger™ model, which helps sellers guide customers through the purchase journey better and faster.

Key Activities to Drive Cross-Functional Collaboration

  • Build powerful insight stories that will appeal to more diverse groups of decision makers. Brief your marketing leadership on the Challenger™ model using our presentation template.
  • Make your CRM more customer-centric to help simplify the purchase experience. Share this best practice with your CIO.
  • Partner with HR to attract, develop, and retain Challengers™. Share our proven guidance to develop a Challenger™ competency model at your organization.
  • Instead of predicting likelihood to close based on seller activities (subjective), forecast using customer behaviors (objective). Leverage our deal verification toolkit.

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