The Most Powerful Partnerships in Midsized Companies

Where will future growth come from? Most likely from innovation and new ideas in the white spaces of your organization–not existing business lines.

"Cross-functional fluency" is key: CEOs need leaders to increase collaboration, share best practices, and even contribute resources toward business outcomes that don't immediately benefit their own functions.

Cross-functional fluency drives not just growth, but also change, efficiency, and strategy.

Resources to Help You Get Started

Read 2015 Collaboration Hot Spots, our guide to how midsized companies collaborate effectively across functions.

Then access these targeted resources and take action to develop critical partnerships:

For Finance Executives

For HR Executives

For IT Executives

For Legal Executives

For Marketing Executives

For Sales Executives

  • Brief your CMO on the Challenger™ model using our presentation template.
  • Make your CRM more customer-centric: share this best practice with your CIO.
  • Share our proven guidance to develop Challenger™ competencies with HR.
  • Leverage our deal verification toolkit to better forecast sales.

For Procurement & Operations Executives